Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Update

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  Just can't seem to get around to it.  A little update for you:

I finally have my appetite back!  I still can't eat meat because it tastes bad to me.  There for awhile I ate soup, mac and cheese and baked potatoes.  Now I have gained back the weight I lost and should be gaining weight every week now.  Now let's see if I can stay on track with what my doctor wants me to gain.  I think I may go over!  I haven't been craving too much stuff.  The only thing I craved was a limedrag which is basically crushed ice, lime juice and salt.  I have been eating things that I haven't eaten in a while: oatmeal cream pies, Cool Ranch Doritos, Wheat thins and spray cheese.  And I do love breakfast foods and fruit!

We have had 5 ultrasounds so far.  It has gone from a blob, a blob with a heartbeat, an alien baby, an adorable baby to a BOY baby!  We went to an imaging center when I was 16 weeks to see what we were having, the baby didn't corporate at my 14 week appointment with my doctor.  We didn't get a very telling picture of the boy parts, but the tech said she was 90% sure it was a boy.  We are super excited!  We aren't buying very much boy clothes yet because we want out doctor to confirm it in September.  The baby has been measuring a week bigger consistently, so we may have a Christmas baby! My doctor is fairly certain he will be born in December.

There have been no complications thus far and we pray that it stays that way.  We have been truly blessed. 

Below are some pictures of my progress.  I may be making funny faces, but here they are.

Day We Found Out - A Little Over 4 weeks along
I took a test before Josh got home and it was positive, so I painted it on the living room (without smelling any fumes).  We were getting ready to paint, so it worked out.  Josh's reaction when he walked in was "Are you serious?"

Day We Told Our Parents - 5 weeks
We had to wait a week before I could get into the doctor, but as soon as he confirmed it we told our parents.  We went down the Monday before Mother's Day and gave our mom's cards that said "This grandbaby is blessed to have you as a grandma!"  Our families were thrilled!  Sorry no picture with Josh's family.

Week 8
I have a little pouch and a lot of blot. 

Week 10

Week 12
Definitely have roundness and a protruding tummy

Week 14
Still nauseated, but it is slowly getting better.  And I love this dress, so you will be seeing it in a lot of pictures.

Week 15
I felt little bubbles pop this week! It was an amazing feeling!
Week 18
Getting up 3 to 4 time a night to use the bathroom = no fun

Week 20
This week.  I can feel little kicks and punches throughout the day and night.  Josh thinks he has felt him move too.



Well, well, well.... CONGRATULATIONS! You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy this time, Amey, because over the years it will become a fond memory and you'll wish so much just to go back for one day! This is truly such a special time! Know that we're all praying for you and your sweet baby boy to be healthy and strong! I bet both your parents are on pins and needles!!! Give updates as you can... the pics are simply lovely! Take care and God bless-


Tanya and Lauren-

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