Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Update

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  Just can't seem to get around to it.  A little update for you:

I finally have my appetite back!  I still can't eat meat because it tastes bad to me.  There for awhile I ate soup, mac and cheese and baked potatoes.  Now I have gained back the weight I lost and should be gaining weight every week now.  Now let's see if I can stay on track with what my doctor wants me to gain.  I think I may go over!  I haven't been craving too much stuff.  The only thing I craved was a limedrag which is basically crushed ice, lime juice and salt.  I have been eating things that I haven't eaten in a while: oatmeal cream pies, Cool Ranch Doritos, Wheat thins and spray cheese.  And I do love breakfast foods and fruit!

We have had 5 ultrasounds so far.  It has gone from a blob, a blob with a heartbeat, an alien baby, an adorable baby to a BOY baby!  We went to an imaging center when I was 16 weeks to see what we were having, the baby didn't corporate at my 14 week appointment with my doctor.  We didn't get a very telling picture of the boy parts, but the tech said she was 90% sure it was a boy.  We are super excited!  We aren't buying very much boy clothes yet because we want out doctor to confirm it in September.  The baby has been measuring a week bigger consistently, so we may have a Christmas baby! My doctor is fairly certain he will be born in December.

There have been no complications thus far and we pray that it stays that way.  We have been truly blessed. 

Below are some pictures of my progress.  I may be making funny faces, but here they are.

Day We Found Out - A Little Over 4 weeks along
I took a test before Josh got home and it was positive, so I painted it on the living room (without smelling any fumes).  We were getting ready to paint, so it worked out.  Josh's reaction when he walked in was "Are you serious?"

Day We Told Our Parents - 5 weeks
We had to wait a week before I could get into the doctor, but as soon as he confirmed it we told our parents.  We went down the Monday before Mother's Day and gave our mom's cards that said "This grandbaby is blessed to have you as a grandma!"  Our families were thrilled!  Sorry no picture with Josh's family.

Week 8
I have a little pouch and a lot of blot. 

Week 10

Week 12
Definitely have roundness and a protruding tummy

Week 14
Still nauseated, but it is slowly getting better.  And I love this dress, so you will be seeing it in a lot of pictures.

Week 15
I felt little bubbles pop this week! It was an amazing feeling!
Week 18
Getting up 3 to 4 time a night to use the bathroom = no fun

Week 20
This week.  I can feel little kicks and punches throughout the day and night.  Josh thinks he has felt him move too.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby

I'm sure from reading the title you have that Justin Bieber song stuck in your head!  Am I right?  Because now I do!

Anyway, sorry for being absent for the past few months.  I have a legit excuse though.

I'm Pregnant!

We are super excited!  The due date is Jan 2 2011!  Everything is going well, I mean as well as can be expected with the nausea, hot flashes, mood swings and food aversions!

More details to come.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Date Night Josh and Jewels Style: 3rd Edition

So last week I posted a few of the dates that Josh and I have been on.  Those dates were activities that he or I liked, but we have both learned to enjoy.  Today's post and the last in the series, is something that we both enjoyed before we knew each other.  (Side note: I am trying to start writing OUR STORY, but having a little trouble getting it going)

Josh played sports from the time he was 5 until he graduated high school.  He loved playing and was pretty good at it.  Now, me on the hand, have never been great at sports, but I sure tried when I was younger.  When I got older I realized that it just wasn't for me. I decided that I was a better spectator at sporting events then actively playing them. 

As you can guess from our dog Fenway's name, someone in the family is a Boston Red Sox fan!! Well, that happens to be Josh.  I am a Yankee fan and have been since I was in middle school.  We both love baseball and had the opportunity to see a special game not too long ago.

Now, it isn't big rival game of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, it was the opening game at the neighboring town's new stadium.  This team is an AA team.   It was a much talked about event and tickets were hard to get.

View from our seats

Waiting for the game to start

Can you guess who threw out the opening pitch?? (Sorry I got better back shots than front!!)

Side note: He was wearing the below shoes, which I find ugly.  Lace up sandals??
Photo courtesy of

It was Tim McGraw!! He had a concert a few blocks away and was able to throw out the first pitch and then go to his concert.

First Pitch of the Game by the home team

We thoroughly enjoyed the game, minus the undercooked corn dog Josh got from the concession stand.  We didn't just go because it was the first game at the new stadium, but it was fun getting to experience it.  It is a really unique stadium that has a grassy area behind outfield where you can bring a blanket or lawn chairs to relax in.  We had great seats just to the right of home plate and enjoyed a great view. 

I leave you with a picture at the end of our date:

P.S.  Did you notice that in the first picture there is a U-haul up in the air??

Monday, April 19, 2010

ACM's 2010

I am going to interrupt my Date Night posts to bring you fashion of the Academy of Country Music Awards.  Photos courtesy of

Couples of the Night:


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

I would rather have seen Keith in something a little more rugged, but he is presentable.  I think Nicole made a bad choice with this one.  If it didn't have the white detailing it would have been a lot better, she looks like a bad cowboy shirt.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Tim is pulling off the modern cowboy look well.  I wasn't so sure about Faith's dress, but I decided that I like it, even though the sleeves (OK, not sleeves, but not sure what to call them) are a little odd.  They are a beautiful couple though.

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey

Not really sure why they are at the ACM's, but anyway.  If you watched the show you know they conceived their 2nd child after the ACM's last year.  So there may be another baby on the way for them if they keep up their tradition!! On to fashion.  He looks traditional, but she sure doesn't.  I love her shoes, I would love to own them!  She just had a baby a few months ago and looks fabulous.  The slit is a little reminiscent of Mariah Carrey at the Oscars.

Why Were They There?

Lindsey Vonn

Wow!  Stunning.  I love everything about this dress. She could have done something with her hair, though.

LL Cool J

Too much black.  Take off the cap, change the jeans and shoes and it might work. 

Stunning Ladies

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum

Flawless!  I love the cut and color of the gown, the single strap works in this case.  And her hair looks so soft and airy. 

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland

Again, the hair is flawless.  The gown could have been one size bigger, but other than that gorgeous.  Not a fan of the long necklace, but everything else is great.

Carrie Underwood

This is my favorite dress that Carrie wore.  At least it is appropriate to post.  The one she wore to start the show was so incredibly short that you could see up it.  Plus she wouldn't keep her legs closed.  Back to the look pictured, it is a little edgy, but not trying too hard.  Love, love, love the shoes!

Laura Bell Bundy

She may have been great on Broadway, but her song from her country album not so much.  Her music was a little too cliché country for me.  Her dress on the other hand, is very pretty.  She is showing leg, but not cleavage, not too much of everything. 

Taylor Swift

This is a departure for Taylor Swift.  She is usually all sequined out and in red, black, gold or silver.  She doesn't seem too thrilled about the change either, but I think she looks more elegant.  She is working the purple/grey embroidery and upswept hair. 

Reba McEntire

She looks amazing, anyone would love to have her body at any age.  Her dress is age appropriate and classy.  It isn't too revealing, nor too matronly. I read somewhere that she is what Taylor Swift will look like in 20 or 30 years (dress included). 

My favorites were Hillary Scott and Lindsey Vonn.  What was yours?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Date Night Josh and Jewels Style: 2nd Edition

Yesterday I shared one of my favorite things to do that Josh has learned to appreciate. Today I will showcase something that Josh loves that I have learned to appreciate.

Josh loves basketball, but me? Not so much. That is until we went to our first professional game!!

Josh’s parents bought him tickets to see the Thunder play the Spurs for Christmas. Now, I knew he was getting them, but I kept it a secret! Go me! I told Josh that he didn’t have to take me if he wanted his brother to go with him. I didn’t want to go, but I told him that I would because he wanted me to.

I wanted to enjoy the game, so I started watching the games with Josh and trying to remember the player’s names. One player in particular caught my eye: Serge Ibaka. I found a person that I could cheer for which would make it fun for me.

Well, last month we finally got to watch them play. And we had a blast! Our seats were really high, but the arena had great energy.

Our view:

Us at the game:

Josh wanted to buy me a Serge Ibaka shirt, but they didn’t have any. We decided that I would have to make my own. It’s going to say: Rockin’ it Like Ibaka!

The Thunder lost, but it was a great game. We plan on going back with Josh’s older brother and sister-in-law next year. I’m so glad that Josh opened my eyes to professional basketball, but I don’t think that I will become an obsessed fan. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition of Date Night Josh and Jewels Style.

P.S. The Thunder made the playoffs! Unfortunately, they play the Lakers in the first round.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Date Night Josh and Jewels Style: 1st Edition

Throughout our relationship, Josh and I have made an effort to enjoy and partake in each other’s hobbies and interests. In the past few months we have been blessed with the opportunity to do a few of our favorite things.

Back in January Josh told me he was taking me on date night and he had everything planned out! It is very rare that he plans everything so I was surprised. He informed me that we were going to eat at Fleming’s then go see this:

Oh my god, Oh my god you guys!! (If you seen the musical you know that I am singing this!!) Surprisingly, I know, seeing shows is one of my favorite things to do! I know, I know you thought this was one of Josh's favorite things to do. :-)

Josh has taken interest in watching them. We have seen Beauty & the Beast on Broadway, Mama Mia and now Legally Blonde: The Musical together. I have seen Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and Grease, but Josh wasn’t with me.

Oh how I love Fleming’s. If you have never eaten there I suggest you do, but it is on the expensive side (Luckily my boss gave me a nice gift card for Christmas, so it was free for us!!). We go there a couple of times a year on date night and I suggest you save room for dessert and get the frozen lemon gingersnap pie. It is delish!!

At the show:

We had a great date night and even made a quick trip to the bookstore before dinner. I love spending time with Josh and we both enjoyed the evening!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition of Date Night Weaver Style!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breakfast and Snack Time

In an effort to eat healthier I have been having some of my favorite foods. For breakfast Monday through Friday I have these:

I absolutely love these!  They come in different flavors, but these are my favorite.  They aren't too sweet and fill me up.  Plus they have a ton of protein and only 140 calories!!

Now I can't go from 8 to noon without a snack.  For my 10 am snack I have one of these:

I need calcium, but I don't like milk.  It makes me gag!  Plus, it makes me have bumps on my arms.  So cheese is my morning snack!  Not that cheese doesn't make me have bumps on my arms, they just aren't as bad with cheese.

I will write another post altogether for lunch, so on to my 3 pm snack. Here lately I have wanted fruit.  It is usually strawberries, grapes or pineapple.  Most recently it has been this:

Now for the longest time, I just used a knife to cut this up.  It took me forever!  Plus I never got all of the eyes out!  Then my friend informed me that Pampered Chef has a pineapple wedger.

I can cut wedge and cut my entire pineapple in 5 minutes with this!  It saves so much time and is a lot less messy than cutting it myself.

So there you have it, my breakfast and snacks.  Now, unfortunately I eat the same thing for breakfast and my snacks most of the time, so I get burnt out on them.  So give some new ideas.  What do you eat for breakfast and snacks??