Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Beautiful Mom


turned 50!!!

Or as my cousin told her "It is the 30th anniversary of your 20th birthday!"  I loved that.  No, she doesn't mind telling her age.  She is proud of it.  Usually she doesn't have a big birthday party, Josh and I usually take her and my dad out to eat or take her a cake.  But this year we couldn't NOT do anything special.  What started out as cake and ice cream with the extended family turned into dinner and cake and ice cream with over 30 people!!  Wowza! 

My dad has a huge smoker that he and my late grandpa built, that he loves to use.  So he smoked 6 different kinds of meat (no vegetarians here!) We had turkey, chicken, ham, brisket, bologna and polish sausage.  My mom loves to cook and we could have never kept her out of the kitchen, so she contributed as well.  She made potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, Waldorf salad.  I came down early and helped her make taco salad, deviled eggs, potato skins and rice.  We had other stuff too, I just can't remember it all.  Anyway, needless to say we had plenty of food.  And man oh man was it good!!

Then we had cake.  Josh and I ordered the cake from a local bakery that has some of the best cakes ever and brought it over. 

Love it!

The cake for the dogs.

My beautiful mom!

My mom looking at the Bible my dad got for her.

My mom, her brother and sister

My brother, mom, dad, me, Josh, Fenway and my nephew in front.

Me and a sleepy Fenway

Our little family

My mom had a great birthday party! We had family, friends, cake and ice cream with lots of laughter and fun times. I love you mom!

Monday, January 25, 2010

SAG Awards 2010

Although I didn't get to watch the SAG's, I come on who airs an awards show on a Saturday night, I didn't miss the fashion!  The SAG's honor only people that are on TV or movies, not the people that make or direct them.  I also love that the honor ensembles, not just individuals.  Below is my take on the fashion of the night!  Photos courtesy of

Colors of the Rainbow
These are some of my favorite dresses!

Carey Mulligan
I love the color and waist detail.  Although this is kind of a mermaid style, it is a little differentwiththe tuck behind the knee.

Diane Krugar
The shape is wow!  It fits her like a glove.  It reminds me of the dress that Michelle Williams wore to the Oscars a few ago, but a little duller.  I love the one shoulder with the drapping and even like droopy sleeve on this dress. 

Jenna Fischer
She is not a fashionista, never claims to be, but this looks good on her.  It wouldn't be my first choice for my dress, but it looks really good with her skin tone and red hair.

Anna Kendrick
Again love the color!!  And the texture!! The top half of the dress has the lovely folds and the bottom looks layered, but shaggy.  Hair is simple and I love the lack of jewelry.

Lea Michele
Very different from her Golden Globes look, but equally gorgeous.  The color pops and the dress hugs the right curves.  I love that she wore her hair down and flowy.  The only improvement could be a S-M-I-L-E!

White: The GREAT, the OK and the Ugly

Kate Hudson
The GOOD.  I think she has a thing for white.  She wore it for a premier of Nine, the Golden Globes and now the SAG's, but this look is more streamlined than the others. I love the way she showed off her back with the low cut and especially by using the necklace to draw more attention to it.  The waist detailing is awesome too!

Marion Cotillard
The OK.  Hate her shoes, but think her dress is OK.  The one shoulder thing is really hot now, but I don't like the extra padding in this one shoulder.  It is like 3 inches high!  And the structure of the hips adds volume, which I wouldn't want.

Paula Patton
The BAD. Some pregnant women want to show off there bump, (think Heidi Klum at the Emmy's) and some like to hide it (apparently Paula Patton).  This looks like a bad wedding dress in my opinion with the tulle and the top half is ferocious!

Women in Black

Julianna Margulies
Not a fan.  Not a fan. I don't like the material or design.  I have watched her show and it was pretty good, but don't like her attitude off camera.  At least what I have seen anyway.

Penelope Cruz
Maybe not the right length.  It makes her appear short.  I don't like the appliqué  look, but her hair looks good.

Sandra Bullock
The dress fits perfectly, but I don't like the boxy shoulders or the blue feathers at the top.  But I think she is usually hit or miss on the red carpet.

Sophia Loren
I am speechless...

Prints of Peace

Meryl Streep
Love this on her.  She usually goes for comfort and this looks comfy, but not too much so.  Remember when she wore weird black pants with a black top and looked like she rolled out of bed and won??  Well I prefer this. The belt emphasizes her waist and the other black accessories continue the theme.

Michelle Monaghan
Does this count as a print? Well to me it does.  I like this for some reason, all of the individual aspects of the dress (asymmetrical hem, long one shoulder, overlay) I am not a fan of, but together they work.

Anna Paquin
Does this like a dress that you would where to the SAG's or out on a date?  I don't like the print, length or anything about it.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And the award goes to ... Golden Globe 2010 Edition

This is my awards for the Golden Globes, some are serious, some are not.  All photos courtesy of unless otherwise noted.

Best Acceptance Speech:
Tie between Monique and Robert Downey Jr.
Monique's acceptance speech was heartfelt, sincere and was the first speech of the night I believe.  Robert Downey's has hilarious.  He decided to "not thank" his wife, who directed him in Sherlock Holmes, but obviously thanked her. 

Most in Need of a New Hairstyle
Jennifer Aniston
See below picture.  She has had this hairstyle for years and although it isn't bad, I am just tired of seeing it.  I know a lot of people agree with me here.

Most Flubbed Lines
Felicity Huffman
She just couldn't get it together and even said jokingly that they would never invite her back to speak! But she looked great doing it.  Love her husband, without the long hair.

The New "Golden Globes"
Mariah Carey
Ryan Seacrest noticed her cleavage and coined it her Golden Globes.  Inappropriate, but funny.

Creepiest Guy Alert
James Cameron
The long hair was just the beginning, but I don't know what exactly creeped me out about him.  But something did!

Cutest Nerdy Couple
Drew Barrymore and Justin Long
I loved how she mouthed to him "I love you" after she won!

Photo coutesy of

Rudest Winner
Chloe Sevigny
As she was walking up the stage, the gentleman escorting her accidentally stepped on her dress.  When he did that she took a stepped and it pulled her back.  She gave him a dirty look (which I might have done too) then started to give her acceptance speech.  As she was giving her speech, she said I can't believe that guy just ripped my dress!  Like he meant to or something! I have never been a big fan of her, but this made her seam arragont.  By the way I didn't like the dress!!

Best Fashion Start
Lea Michele
Although some people didn't like her dress, I thought it was very pretty.  She didn't go all Miley Cyrus on us with a too short dress or side boobs showing either.  For her first award show, I thought she did well.

Harshest Moment from Ricky Gervais
When he said that Paul McCartney had to ride in coach because he spent  so much money last year.  If you remember he had to pay a hefty amount to Heather Mills when they divorced!

Tear Jerker Award
Michael C Hall
Michael C Hall won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series, Drama.  He announced last week that he was battling cancer.  He came to the awards show, didn't shy away, and did so wearing a black elegant bandana around his head. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globes 2010

So the Golden Globes were Sunday.  The Golden Globes is my favorite awards show because it combines both tv and movies and I love both! I love fashion as much as the next girl, so here is my breakdown for the night's fashion. All photos courtesy of

Tina Fey
Reminds me of Mary Poppins a little bit, probably because of the umbrella, but I'm not sure that is a good thing.  I have a love/hate relationship with it! The pattern grabs me, but not the silhouette of the dress.

Let me preface this by saying I would love to have Halle Berry's body!  I am not a fan of this dress for two reasons.  One, I don't like the look of the gold embroidery detail.  And two, I don't think the fit is good.  It makes her hip are look big.  And this only the beginning of the tata's that were on display that night!!

Heidi Klum
Again, amazing body, if only I could look like that mere months after giving birth, but that's not happening. I think the top half looks sleepy.  The sleeves are droopy as is her bust area.  But I love the bottom!

Lauren Graham
Pink + Satin + Rain= wrinkled mess

Mariah Carey
Again with the neckline (see Halle Berry)! I don't like the cap sleeves, I think they make her look broader shouldered. 

Nicole Kidman
In a different color maybe, but this washes her out.  I don't like this from the waist up, I hate the sleeves and she could have worn pasties at least!!

Amy Adams
Love, love, love the shoes and purse!  They are hands down on my favorites list, but her dress not so much.  She was so cute on the press tour for Leap Year, but this dress looks frumpy. This makes her look like she is just dragging along, which granted she may be.

Amy Poehler
I love this! It is simple, classic and fits perfectly.  I love that she isn't stick thin and doesn't try to be and she is natural in her own body. A good one shoulder dress.

Anna Paquin
Looks art deco, but not loving it.  I wonder how much it weighed, 30 pounds??

Cameron Diaz
I like this dress, just not the make-up.  I like the dress color, cut and even the sleeves, but her face just blends in, with the exception of her mouth!

Diane Krugar
This reminds me of pink cotton candy, but I like it! She loves couture and I think she does it well.  I could do without the white clutch, white bow and her hair, but the dress spot on!

Drew Barrymore
You never know what you are going to get with Drew Barrymore (remember the hair with the purple dress last year?  WOW!  It looked liked her hair got stuck in egg beaters!!)  This is a major improvement.  I think she is hit or miss, but I think this would have been a big hit if you couldn't see the corset underneath. The shoulder and waist detail make the dress.  And I love her lack of jewelry, she doesn't need anything to compete with her detailing!

Emily Blunt
She looks so happy.  I like the choppiness of the dress, the color is good, but her hair, oh the hair.  I know that it was rainy and probably balmy, but the hair!  As Jennifer Garner said "It was an Aquanet kind of night!"

Ginnifer Goodwin
The color pops an so does the fact that she went short. I like the draping and the neckline. If your gonna go short, this is the way to go

Jane Krakowski
 It is the best one shoulder gown of the night. It fits perfectly, is the right color, but isn't too gutsy.

Kate Hudson
Wow, she looks tiny! I love the origami folds at the top and the two piece look.  Hate the shoes.  She should have went with colored shoes...purple, green, red, something other than white.  Never seen the train down, but it may have looked bridal with the train.

Kristin Bell
Another shortie.  Hmmm.  It looks like she wrapped a towel around her and left the house, but she looks comfy.  Maybe in a different color.

Lea Michele
Very pretty.  Very ball gown.  Very grown up.  There weren't many ball gowns on the red carpet, but I like this.  She is a younger actress in her 20's, but doesn't go all skank on us.  She is properly covered up and gorgeous!!

Olivia Wilde
I like color and the draping.  Again with the neckline, but I think this works.  She isn't falling out and the rest of the dress isn't skin tight.

Sandra Bullock
Love the color, but didn't realize it was see through until pictures.  I like the bodice and this is a step up from her press tour with her movies this year.  I will take it!

Toni Collete
She has had a major transformation with body and style.  I think she looks good, although the dress reminds me of something that Eva Longoria would wear. Please don't loose anymore weight, Toni!!
Feel free to agree or disagree with my commentary!  Tomorrow I will share my awards for the Golden Globes!!