Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby, Baby, Baby

I'm sure from reading the title you have that Justin Bieber song stuck in your head!  Am I right?  Because now I do!

Anyway, sorry for being absent for the past few months.  I have a legit excuse though.

I'm Pregnant!

We are super excited!  The due date is Jan 2 2011!  Everything is going well, I mean as well as can be expected with the nausea, hot flashes, mood swings and food aversions!

More details to come.



Oh, Amey! I'm so happy for you!!!! Congratulations! You had Lauren and me scared about the tornadoes and I emailed you just to check on y'all! Sooooo glad to know y'all are okay and that you're expecting a bundle of joy! Hope you're feeling well! Do you plan to find out the sex? We didn't with Trey, but did with Lauren. Ahhhhh.... how the time has flown. Trey is now 14 and Lauren is 10. Take some advice... Take millions of pictures, soak up every moment, and don't blink-

Sending big hugs from Lauren and me! God bless you, Josh, and your sweet little one-

P.S. Tell Josh we thought about him when we took the kids to see the Red Sox! And yes, Lauren got a #1 foam finger! :0)


CONGRATS! What an exciting time in life!


Thank you! We do plan on finding out the sex as soon as we can. I want to plan the nursery and have everything ready, even though I know doctors can be wrong.

I have been so exhausted and sick that I haven't even turned on my computer at home in 2 weeks! Sorry to give you a scare Tanya, luckily the tornadoes didn't touch down in our neighborhood. Our sirens did go off several times and we were in the closet (well Fenway and I were), but luckily we were ok.

Thanks for the hugs! Josh is jealous! And I seen Lauren eating a hot dog. The best hot dog I ever ate was at Yankee Stadium and I hate hot dogs!!


HOW FUN!!! Nursery planning is one of the best parts pre-baby, haha! I guess girl!

Kelly @ The Startup Wife

oh my GOSH! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

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