Thursday, April 22, 2010

Date Night Josh and Jewels Style: 3rd Edition

So last week I posted a few of the dates that Josh and I have been on.  Those dates were activities that he or I liked, but we have both learned to enjoy.  Today's post and the last in the series, is something that we both enjoyed before we knew each other.  (Side note: I am trying to start writing OUR STORY, but having a little trouble getting it going)

Josh played sports from the time he was 5 until he graduated high school.  He loved playing and was pretty good at it.  Now, me on the hand, have never been great at sports, but I sure tried when I was younger.  When I got older I realized that it just wasn't for me. I decided that I was a better spectator at sporting events then actively playing them. 

As you can guess from our dog Fenway's name, someone in the family is a Boston Red Sox fan!! Well, that happens to be Josh.  I am a Yankee fan and have been since I was in middle school.  We both love baseball and had the opportunity to see a special game not too long ago.

Now, it isn't big rival game of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, it was the opening game at the neighboring town's new stadium.  This team is an AA team.   It was a much talked about event and tickets were hard to get.

View from our seats

Waiting for the game to start

Can you guess who threw out the opening pitch?? (Sorry I got better back shots than front!!)

Side note: He was wearing the below shoes, which I find ugly.  Lace up sandals??
Photo courtesy of

It was Tim McGraw!! He had a concert a few blocks away and was able to throw out the first pitch and then go to his concert.

First Pitch of the Game by the home team

We thoroughly enjoyed the game, minus the undercooked corn dog Josh got from the concession stand.  We didn't just go because it was the first game at the new stadium, but it was fun getting to experience it.  It is a really unique stadium that has a grassy area behind outfield where you can bring a blanket or lawn chairs to relax in.  We had great seats just to the right of home plate and enjoyed a great view. 

I leave you with a picture at the end of our date:

P.S.  Did you notice that in the first picture there is a U-haul up in the air??



Sounds like y'all had a great time! Thanks for sharing!!! :0) Tell Josh that Lauren is going to see the Red Sox play for her birthday. Almost missed the U-Haul...had to enlarge the pic to see it-


Josh is going to be jealous of Lauren! Is she going to Fenway Park or on the road?? Either way it will be a real treat for her. We have thought about buying tickets when they are playing a team near us, but we will have to see. Yeah, I think the U-haul is so weird up there!


She and Trey will be attending a game at Fenway Park at the end of May. Their aunts are taking them and it's a dream come true for Lauren. As for Trey, he's a Cardinals fan, but he's still looking forward to the experience! Steve and I plan to go sight seeing around Boston while they attend the game- I'll be sure to post pics! Hope y'all get to go soon too! Tell Josh that we'll be thinking of him! :0)


What a fun experience! Loved the pics!

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