Monday, April 19, 2010

ACM's 2010

I am going to interrupt my Date Night posts to bring you fashion of the Academy of Country Music Awards.  Photos courtesy of

Couples of the Night:


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

I would rather have seen Keith in something a little more rugged, but he is presentable.  I think Nicole made a bad choice with this one.  If it didn't have the white detailing it would have been a lot better, she looks like a bad cowboy shirt.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Tim is pulling off the modern cowboy look well.  I wasn't so sure about Faith's dress, but I decided that I like it, even though the sleeves (OK, not sleeves, but not sure what to call them) are a little odd.  They are a beautiful couple though.

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey

Not really sure why they are at the ACM's, but anyway.  If you watched the show you know they conceived their 2nd child after the ACM's last year.  So there may be another baby on the way for them if they keep up their tradition!! On to fashion.  He looks traditional, but she sure doesn't.  I love her shoes, I would love to own them!  She just had a baby a few months ago and looks fabulous.  The slit is a little reminiscent of Mariah Carrey at the Oscars.

Why Were They There?

Lindsey Vonn

Wow!  Stunning.  I love everything about this dress. She could have done something with her hair, though.

LL Cool J

Too much black.  Take off the cap, change the jeans and shoes and it might work. 

Stunning Ladies

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum

Flawless!  I love the cut and color of the gown, the single strap works in this case.  And her hair looks so soft and airy. 

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland

Again, the hair is flawless.  The gown could have been one size bigger, but other than that gorgeous.  Not a fan of the long necklace, but everything else is great.

Carrie Underwood

This is my favorite dress that Carrie wore.  At least it is appropriate to post.  The one she wore to start the show was so incredibly short that you could see up it.  Plus she wouldn't keep her legs closed.  Back to the look pictured, it is a little edgy, but not trying too hard.  Love, love, love the shoes!

Laura Bell Bundy

She may have been great on Broadway, but her song from her country album not so much.  Her music was a little too clich√© country for me.  Her dress on the other hand, is very pretty.  She is showing leg, but not cleavage, not too much of everything. 

Taylor Swift

This is a departure for Taylor Swift.  She is usually all sequined out and in red, black, gold or silver.  She doesn't seem too thrilled about the change either, but I think she looks more elegant.  She is working the purple/grey embroidery and upswept hair. 

Reba McEntire

She looks amazing, anyone would love to have her body at any age.  Her dress is age appropriate and classy.  It isn't too revealing, nor too matronly. I read somewhere that she is what Taylor Swift will look like in 20 or 30 years (dress included). 

My favorites were Hillary Scott and Lindsey Vonn.  What was yours?



I agree with your opinions, but then again you've already heard 'em :)


Amey, I just knew you'd do it! I was waiting to see your run down of the latest fashions at the CMA's...Thank you! Have to admit I agree with most of your points too. Gotta admit that my favorite dress is Taylor Swifts soft, flowy (is that a word?), and elegant. Might've liked it better in a deep plum color, but then again wisteria is a soft to medium purple, eh? Love her hair too! Thanks for posting!


Tanya, I think Taylor Swift looks very demure, which is a change for most singers and celebrities her age. I agree with you, maybe a darker purple would have been better.

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