Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Date Night Josh and Jewels Style: 1st Edition

Throughout our relationship, Josh and I have made an effort to enjoy and partake in each other’s hobbies and interests. In the past few months we have been blessed with the opportunity to do a few of our favorite things.

Back in January Josh told me he was taking me on date night and he had everything planned out! It is very rare that he plans everything so I was surprised. He informed me that we were going to eat at Fleming’s then go see this:

Oh my god, Oh my god you guys!! (If you seen the musical you know that I am singing this!!) Surprisingly, I know, seeing shows is one of my favorite things to do! I know, I know you thought this was one of Josh's favorite things to do. :-)

Josh has taken interest in watching them. We have seen Beauty & the Beast on Broadway, Mama Mia and now Legally Blonde: The Musical together. I have seen Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and Grease, but Josh wasn’t with me.

Oh how I love Fleming’s. If you have never eaten there I suggest you do, but it is on the expensive side (Luckily my boss gave me a nice gift card for Christmas, so it was free for us!!). We go there a couple of times a year on date night and I suggest you save room for dessert and get the frozen lemon gingersnap pie. It is delish!!

At the show:

We had a great date night and even made a quick trip to the bookstore before dinner. I love spending time with Josh and we both enjoyed the evening!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition of Date Night Weaver Style!



Love the new bloggie layout! too cute!


I'm jealous! Please have Josh contact Steve and give some date tips! I love my hubster with all my heart, but God bless him, his idea of a great date would be me, covered in camo, sitting in a ground blind with him while awaiting the perfect deer. Hmmm.... did I tell you I am jealous??? :0) Glad y'all had a nice time! And, by the way, y'all really make a cute couple! Love the pic!


Sounds like fun!!


Thanks Amber.

Tanya - LOL. Josh has never hunted before in his life! Shocking I know, especially since he grew up in a small country town! We don't always have dates like this, a lot of the time we end up at Lowe's!

Lori it was a blast. Josh actually thought it was really funny!

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