Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Date Night Josh and Jewels Style: 2nd Edition

Yesterday I shared one of my favorite things to do that Josh has learned to appreciate. Today I will showcase something that Josh loves that I have learned to appreciate.

Josh loves basketball, but me? Not so much. That is until we went to our first professional game!!

Josh’s parents bought him tickets to see the Thunder play the Spurs for Christmas. Now, I knew he was getting them, but I kept it a secret! Go me! I told Josh that he didn’t have to take me if he wanted his brother to go with him. I didn’t want to go, but I told him that I would because he wanted me to.

I wanted to enjoy the game, so I started watching the games with Josh and trying to remember the player’s names. One player in particular caught my eye: Serge Ibaka. I found a person that I could cheer for which would make it fun for me.

Well, last month we finally got to watch them play. And we had a blast! Our seats were really high, but the arena had great energy.

Our view:

Us at the game:

Josh wanted to buy me a Serge Ibaka shirt, but they didn’t have any. We decided that I would have to make my own. It’s going to say: Rockin’ it Like Ibaka!

The Thunder lost, but it was a great game. We plan on going back with Josh’s older brother and sister-in-law next year. I’m so glad that Josh opened my eyes to professional basketball, but I don’t think that I will become an obsessed fan. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition of Date Night Josh and Jewels Style.

P.S. The Thunder made the playoffs! Unfortunately, they play the Lakers in the first round.


Kelly @ The Startup Wife

So fun! I have to be honest--I'd actually never heard of the Thunder until the game we went to over the weekend! So when I saw your comment, I thought, how cool! Haha. They were really fun to watch! Looks like you guys had a great time. :) Basketball games are so much fun, aren't they? You're totally right about the energy.


We had a great time! The energy was awesome and made the game that much more fun. The Thunder are fairly new, this is their second year in the NBA. After Hurrican Katrina, the New Orleans Hornets played all of their home games in Oklahoma City for a year or two. It did so well, that we got the Thunder. My husband was super excited. I;m glad you guys had a great time in the suite!

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