Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breakfast and Snack Time

In an effort to eat healthier I have been having some of my favorite foods. For breakfast Monday through Friday I have these:

I absolutely love these!  They come in different flavors, but these are my favorite.  They aren't too sweet and fill me up.  Plus they have a ton of protein and only 140 calories!!

Now I can't go from 8 to noon without a snack.  For my 10 am snack I have one of these:

I need calcium, but I don't like milk.  It makes me gag!  Plus, it makes me have bumps on my arms.  So cheese is my morning snack!  Not that cheese doesn't make me have bumps on my arms, they just aren't as bad with cheese.

I will write another post altogether for lunch, so on to my 3 pm snack. Here lately I have wanted fruit.  It is usually strawberries, grapes or pineapple.  Most recently it has been this:

Now for the longest time, I just used a knife to cut this up.  It took me forever!  Plus I never got all of the eyes out!  Then my friend informed me that Pampered Chef has a pineapple wedger.

I can cut wedge and cut my entire pineapple in 5 minutes with this!  It saves so much time and is a lot less messy than cutting it myself.

So there you have it, my breakfast and snacks.  Now, unfortunately I eat the same thing for breakfast and my snacks most of the time, so I get burnt out on them.  So give some new ideas.  What do you eat for breakfast and snacks??



Okay, Amey, I'll share- As a SAHM my food probably doesn't have to be as portable as yours, otherwise I might make other choices.

Breakfast: Most mornings I nuke a couple eggs and eat them along with my third cup of coffee (unless I don't feel like cooking, then I eat a quick bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats).

A.M. Snack: By 10A.M. or so I usually need a snack which is either a 60 calorie yogurt or a 25 calorie fruit/jello cup.

Lunch: I LOVE 1/2 turkey sandwich on honey wheat bread w/3-4 BBQ chips sandwiched in between and a slight squirt of mustard!

Afternoon snack: Popcorn or a small Fuji apple!

Supper: usually some type of chicken and broccoli or grilled asparagus! (well, at least that's my favorite).

I don't drink nearly enough water, but go through coffee like crazy...and whenever I have a soda it's got to be diet/caffiene free Mt. Dew. Pretty boring, eh? As you surely know by now, I do not cook! So, thankfully I get a variety of better supper options when my dear hubby is home showing off his culinary efforts!

Now, let me ask you a question... do you take vitamins of any kind? If so, I'd love to know what kind. I HATE taking them because they're usually so big. And if you hate milk/dairy, remember you can always take a calcium tablet, but be sure to take D3 with it for better absorbtion...and not with iron because it prevents full absorbtion. Take it from gotta LOVE YOUR BONES! :0)


You are too funny with your pineapple cutter. haha. My new favorite breakfast meal has been yogurt with honey nut cheerios mixed in it. It is delicious! I get tired of oatmeal, so this is something different. I like your new layout by the way!

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